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Our companyMISSION

Our mission is to transform the traditional chocolate into an elegant, finely made delicacy by raising the bar in the quality of ingredients and creating amazing combination of flavors while increasing its aesthetic and nutritional values so it pleases the eye and excites the palate.

Name of the Company

De Novo’ means anew and afresh.  It describes the flavor and quality of our chocolates.  We introduce new flavors regularly.

When celebrate special occasions with our chocolates, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, retirements and anniversaries etc., De Novo means reaching a milestone and starting a new chapter in life. 


It is important to us that we conduct business with social and environmental responsibility.  Our company makes regular donations to various non-profit organizations that provide job training; nursing home for seniors, help the differently-abled people of our community; protect health and the environment through organic farming, promote sustainability of resources through fair trade, reuse and recycling; help homeless pets, train service animals and strengthen the bond between human and animals.  We use fair trade certified cacao beans for all of our products.

Our business has a strong U.S. connection.  We create and sustain jobs both directly and indirectly to benefit the U.S. economy.  We use local ingredients, U.S. suppliers of tools, equipments, packaging materials and shipping services. 

Most important of all, we believe in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, feed our body with the finest ingredients without polluting the environment, depleting our resources and compromising our health.  We strive to use organic ingredients whenever available and support fair trade, starting from the cocoa bean plantations in Africa, Central and Latin America to the production of our finished products.